04. 10. 2023

C2C-certified paper for your print projects

Graspo can provide Cradle to Cradle® environmental certification for your print project.

C2C-certified paper for your print projects

Graspo can provide Cradle to Cradle® environmental certification for your print project

Our printer does not forget about customers who want to be one step closer to the environment. In addition to the standard eco-certificates offered, we can also offer our customers paper with Cradle 2 Cradle® certification.

What does Cradle 2 Cradle® stand for?

A term taken from the English language that literally translates as "from cradle to cradle".

The C2C principle often takes nature as its inspiration. We say it is bio-mimetic. This approach to design is essential for implementing the principles of the circular economy. Certification focuses on the chemical content of the ingredients that are in the products (in our case, paper/printed matter) and assessing their impact on human health and the environment, as well as their ability to be recycled/composted.

C2C® is an approach that places the highest possible demands on products and the manufacturing process. The design should allow for short-term use, comfort (ergonomic design) and aesthetic enjoyment, knowing that the materials will last beyond the life of the product. Thus, raw materials circulate in an endless production cycle where there is no waste. Zdroj

 How can you get Cradle 2 Cradle® certification for your printed material?

Our printer carefully selects paper suppliers who hold various environmental certifications. One of these certificates is the C2C certificate just mentioned.

So all you have to do is contact your dealer to request that your printed material be printed on paper that comes from a certified source and thus carries this prestigious certificate.

You can leave all the communication and provision of this paper to us.

The fact that C2C® paper has been used for the publication can then be indicated in your printed material according to a pre-approved standard.

Come with us one step closer to a better tomorrow. If you are interested in the possibility of this eco-certification and would like even more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff.

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